Global Remediation founded in 1998 in Barcelona is a laboratory specialized in natural medicine​

What started as a project is now a true reality. We are dedicated to the development, manufacture and national and international distribution of food supplements and natural cosmetics.​

For almost two decades, Global Remediation has been committed to developing products that aim to improve health and well-being from exclusively natural ingredients. Global Remediation draws on the treasures of nature used since ancient times for their therapeutic properties and that today, with the scientific support of our medical team and the support of the latest technology, we provide answers and help to improve the most frequent health problems. Global Remediation has been selecting the best ingredients of natural origin for many years to formulate products of the highest quality.


At Global Remediation we are convinced that pharmaceutical laboratories should not be limited to the manufacturing of products-they should use their knowledge to improve the quality of life of our societies.


Global Remediation began in Barcelona in 1998 with the aim of being a laboratory specializing in natural medicine. Over the following two decades, we have been committed to the development of natural products to improve human health.


The values driving us are innovation, environmental respect and the highest standards of quality. Our values, combined with our experience, allow us to achieve our objective: to deliver quality products to our customers


Our products aim to improve peoples’ health, to reduce the stress we all suffer daily and to help the global population have a healthier lifestyle; all this while providing quick responses to their needs.


Our aim is to disseminate the knowledge of the benefits of medicinal plants for people’s health, and to consolidate Global Remediation as nature’s laboratory.


Nuestro equipo médico está formado por profesionales de primera línea en distintas especialidades que determinan los productos más adecuados para las distintas patologías y disfunciones existentes.